The Marked Territory

She woke up feeling lost and her head hurt from previous night. It was just as much she could take. The pangs of pain on her bottom felt relatively easier to handle than the sharp stings she felt on the nape of her neck. He had been rough with her before but last night was …

The Ghost

She looked out of the window. The Sun had not set as yet but the evening had already splashed the skies with a sharp violet tinge mixed with a fiery orange hue. The spring brought with it a strange breeze. The nights which were much cooler than the days mixed her thoughts into a heady …

The Karwachauth

‘The Karwachauth’ is 100% fiction for a change and is not even remotely connected to any part of me. This comes of as a surprise to people specially when I tell them that this festival is not celebrated in my family at all. However, the backdrop of the festival has an instrumental role to play in the plot of this story. Recommended…

Yashodhara Waits…

Well, this is no documented story in history, just a figment of my imagination. The story goes that prince Siddhartha left his wife and son and denounced the world and its pleasures. I just thought of narrating it from the wive’s perspective. I guess this story begins where the history ends..One of my recommended reads.

Till Death Do Us Part

I regard this as my best work of fiction till date. Recommended for its soulful plain narrative. Over the years, people and friends who have read it have accused me of making them cry. Read on at your own risk…:)

The Yellow Envelope

‘The Yellow Envelope’ is about a choice. There are certain things which can’t be sold, not because there aren’t any takers but because you can’t find anyone eligible to keep the legacy intact. Structured over a romantic theme and a tinge of pain again, this one remains my favorite.


Mamma is the closest any of my stories could get to my personal life. Based on the series of events around my grand mother’s death, this is one recommended read.