नियति (Niyati)

I take the more formal Hindi route with this one. “मैं केवट मेरा इतना ही संग, तारूँ सरिता, पखारूँ पाँव”

शब को रोज़ (Shab Ko Roz)

Heard this song from ‘Tera Kya Hoga Johnny’ recently and it kind of stuck. The song ‘शब को रोज़ ‘ had a lot of potential. The original lyrics had the following four stanzas to it. I found them intriguing enough to add my own verse and have included my extension here. Read on…

देखता हूँ (Dekhtaa Hoon)

अधूरी तसवीरें जादू भरी होती हैं, नज़र मिले तो बे-रंग पटल पर सैंकड़ों कहानियाँ कह जाती हैं, नहीं तो प्रत्यक्ष से परे अपने भीतर सिमट जाती हैं. इन पंक्तियों में भी सिर्फ एक पल का सार है, गहन अभिव्यक्ति नहीं, कैनवास पर अनैच्छिक उभरी किसी रेखा की तरह, नज़र आये तो तस्वीर, नहीं तो महज लकीर…

मैं आज़ाद हूँ (Main Aazad Hoon)

I wrote ‘मैं आज़ाद हूँ’ sitting in office on eve of Independence day celebrations at the work place. I had a cubicle with a nice view overlooking the road in that particular organization. There was an office event planned during the lunch hour and I was sitting working on something when I happened to see a boy not older than 10 perhaps running after cars on a traffic light selling them Indian flags. This simple flash triggered this poem and I completed and recited it during the event the same day.

मुलज़िम (Mulzim)

मुलज़िम perhaps marks my coming of age with Hindi poetry. There is an unrelenting anger throughout the poem. The essence blends Urdu words and which I feel were necessary to bring out the right meaning to the reader.