Art & Others


Like all kids, sketching was the first of my pastimes. The early doodles gave way to some black and white caricatures into a sketch book and then some colored abstracts on a few oil sheets. Over the years, I won a few awards in school competitions but then this gradually faded in the rigors of other things and college and professional life.

After Photoshop happened to me, it gave my sketching a new lease of life. The flexibility of infusing digital art into the creative process gave me new horizons to explore. I turned my old black and white sketch book to digital scans and sought to color it digitally.

Check out the results on my Art Work  HERE


My choice of music is what I like listening to and humming along. The resonance of my thought process sought another vent and I mixed up a few numbers on my desktop. Here are two numbers from my collection available for download via the links below.

The beauty on these numbers is that they bring two legends (Amitabh Bachchan & Jagjit Singh) together who never actually got a chance to amalgamate their respective skill set.

Right click, download and Listen.
I am sure once you do, you will have a word or two to share with me. :)

1. “Tanhai meets Apne Hothon Pe” (तन्हाई  - अपने होठों पे)

2. “Kabhi Kabhi meets Koi Yeh Kaise Bataaye” (कभी कभी – कोई यह कैसे बताये)


Editing & creating videos was, I guess, a natural progression from photography. I feel excited about this form of art as it gives me much more freedom to express myself. I love editing & mixing clips, designing sound and using graphics for the videos I do. Here are a few to browse and Enjoy.

  • The Intrasphere Video Part I & II – This was done on premises of my previous organization Intrasphere as part of a fun event. The video involved aligning pictures, interviews and some basic effects to weave them on a prank plot where the responses from the participants were twisted to bring out humor. The highlight on this is the opening credits done on basic video editor on my desktop. Catch the Video below.

  • Goa Trip 2006 (Part I & II) - This is the part 1 of the video created out of still for the trip to Goa. Had to split the video in 2 parts as the duration of the clip became prohibitive. I kind of went ahead of myself when I designed the sound for this one. Ripped a DVD of Sholay to cut the dialogues and mixed it with music. More than the visuals, I like listening to it. Check the two parts below.

  • Appraisal Blues - This is a short fun video done by mixing the clips from the Hindi movie ‘Naram Garam’. It is sheer coincidence that the timing for creating this one was in line with performance appraisals at the work place. :) Catch this one below.

  • The Wedding Mix: Well, this is kind of a mean dig at the institution of marriage as such but I couldn’t control myself and did this when I saw the clips from my wedding videos. Enjoy for the sheer fun of it.