My Abstractions

In the clamor of life, my writing comes to me as my solace. It pacifies me and tells me that I am still not dead. The thoughts are mainly abstract, as I write for my own gratification. However, over the years my abstractions and random thoughts have sought and found various placeholders.

Between Truth, Life and Fiction is a small collection of stories that I have written over the years. The narration is purely in first person but that does not necessarily mean that all the stories are a part and parcel of my personal life. These are events that I have either been a witness to or what I have been a part of. I have knitted these events with fibs of my imagination and hence these stories, as I say, lie between truth, life & fiction.

The Realms of Love and Trance are my thoughts that rhyme a little. Calling it poetry would be a little unfair simply because these are the cerebrations that took off from my mind and soared freely onto the paper.

I have mainly categorized my writing into the following two buckets on this website. There however remains a third larger group of random rantings that has survived on my blog. Check the link HERE.