He gave her chills, scared the life out of her. He swerved and steered and controlled her being like no other. He tormented her, left bruises and made her heart wrench in pain. He would make her do things she didn’t even know existed. He could trace a single bead of sweat on her neck and make it spit fire as he traced it all along her back. His fingers would feel the contours of her face and she felt beautiful inside.

He could whisper a spell into her ears and her whole body would betray her. There was something about the way he looked at her. It hypnotized her, made her swoon and lose her ground. He held her close and she could hear her heart bang against her ribs so loud that she knew her hearing would be impaired. He could siphon the dew off her lips so swiftly, she felt betrayed by her own breath. He threw a glance at her and she would stop breathing. On all such times, she wondered if her soul left her body for a brief second. He filled her being, made her skip a beat and then turn away and make her lips let a cold sigh.

He burnt her nights and dried up her days when he went away. He flooded her eyes and swelled her throat when he stayed. There was no single way with him. He would bend her the way he wanted, made her swear and laughed at her face when she cursed him. He knew he ruled her heart. He knew she couldn’t get away even if she wanted and that her anger was toothless. He knew her venom was as fake as her threats to walk out on him.

He walked in silence and she waited with bated breath for him to pause. He didn’t talk much, hardly ever made a demand and she craved to rush to him at his beck and call. He was inexorable, relentless and unforgiving and she for some inexplicable reason loved his domination. He would glare at her and she would go weak in her knees, often succumbing to an unknown pleasure for being so subservient.

He painted mysterious lands, penned dark tales and devoured on narrations of gore. He indulged her with such a sinful fervency that seemed unreal to be experienced by a mortal. She knew he wasn’t human and he wasn’t an angel. She was in love and a paramount lust that overshadowed all she ever believed in. She knew he was The One.

She knew she was possessed.

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