The Time Traveler

I tried telling her again that evening that we had met somewhere someplace else before. She did not believe it. I tried quoting a few things I had said to her earlier. She recalled none of it. The names were useless. They did not ring a bell. I told her about a place that we used to frequent – it did not work either. I had to give up after a few attempts to avoid breaking any rules.

It wasn’t uncommon for people to forget but I was beginning to lose patience. It had been a few centuries already now and it was imperative that she remembered some part of any of the incidents that had happened on her own. We were in the final leg of our journey, a couple more lifetimes and the cycle would end. One of us would be absolved while the other would be confined to an infinite timeless nothingness.

I had waited long enough in this lifetime already – allowed her to go ahead of me and find another playmate and procreate and dwell on for a few moments to help clear her slate. Things were working as planned and she began her quest of soul searching as expected. However, at the moment when she had to confront herself, she chickened out and resorted to the rules and laws of a society we never belonged to. It was disheartening to see everything that I had waited for crumble down in a flash of seconds.

We had embarked on this journey together, divided our forms at will and chose our first few destinies. The rest had to follow depending on the decisions we made during the course of our mortal life spans. The first few lifetimes were in line with what he had set course for and we would have gladly walked back had it not been for one little fall she had. She made a mistake and stumbled in making one vital choice during one lifetime and lost her power of recognition.

Year after year I kept walking by. At times, she heard my calling and on others she just let me go. We were supplementary souls and hence I had to equally bear the cause and effect of her actions. I was confined to this cycle of wait for her folly and had to patiently wait for her to come back on track on her own. If I deserted her, she would forever be stuck in an endless realm until some other floating time traveler took her in and made her part of his being.

Seasons pass me by and I yearn for the single break of spring when the seed shall finally break and yield a sprout of hope – a sprig of green to end the drought. I recoil, look back and gear up for another call; another attempt at meeting her at a cross road before it gets too late in this cycle. Things are looking bleak but I have still not given up on her…for I, am a time traveler and I live by my wait and hope for a fresher tomorrow.

Until then….

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