The Violet Spell

The overcast grey afternoon quietly slipped into a mesmerizing violet evening. The blue light filtered through the windows and gave the room a magical tinge. The ceiling fan kept playing the curtains as if on a soft song and the shadows flickered around over us.

She moved just a little and set her head on my arm using it as a pillow. Her face was a picture of poised serenity and for a moment it seemed that I was floating easy on a bed of tranquil seas. Peace all around and a moment of contentment – could one wish for anything else, anything more? I watched her silently move into deeper slumber and snore just a little now or then. Inadvertently, a smile floated on my lips.

I ran my fingers through her hair just as I always did. She seemed to like it even in her sleep. I could see the corners of her lips quiver just a bit as if waiting to break into a smile. I watched her for a while – till the sun dipped into the horizon and a gradual and complete darkness enveloped the room and our being.

In that darkness, the realms of time and space gelled into one unifying bond that held me in my position still looking into blind darkness where perhaps her face was. The time paused briefly and I became a part of her warm silence.

I closed my eyes and felt her fingers on my palm. Her hands were cold. I leaned and pulled a sheet over her. The little movement was detrimental to her trance and she opened her eyes.

“What’s the time?” she asked in a broken whisper.

“Time for me to get up and get going” I replied and a cold sigh escaped my lips.

The violet spell was finally broken. Another day went by and it was time to get up, switch on my computer and log on to another night of my graveyard shift.

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