She wrote a little ‘bye’ on the screen and probably closed her chat window. I waited a while before I could make out what it meant. Didn’t know what to say, I sent in a smiley and wrote “wish you all happiness……….”

The ellipses at the end probably reflected the silence that engulfed me. Silence was all I was left with, long and deep and impregnated with a thousand thoughts in my head.

I would like to believe that she waited on the other end as well…waiting for me to write something that could make her say anything silly and then bring about a smile to both of us – a smile to end the argument, to be back, forgive each other once again and begin afresh.

It didn’t happen.

The chat window kept looking as I sighed and switched off my terminal. Probably she switched off hers too and the contact was lost. A love story finally ended over few bits of text.

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