I called it a day

I called it a day.

When the guns went down
And Sun threw its crown
When stakes got stale
And shorter read the tales
When flames didn’t stir
And tears didn’t blur
When blisters turned sore
Like tales from the yore

I called it a day

When life ceased to feel
And Roses turned to steel
When dreams welted night
And couldn’t wane the plight
When simpler it became
To change from the same
And harder it became
To explain what was plain 

I called it a day 

When Silence seemed to gel
And days would not swell
When whispers turned to wails
And down went the sails
When the souls would not pray
And Gods refused to stay
When love lost its sheen
And no reason could be seen

I called it a day!!!!

- (Jan 2006)

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