No Longer, No More

Life beyond this moment is no longer mine
Days not torrent, the thick sun resigns
Seasons have gelled & years decay
Silent eyes have fallen prey
Cadaver russet it no more bleats
Hearts stoned no longer beats

No longer spirits are stirred by tears
No more demises cause any fears
Smiles and laughter no more swarm
Cuddles & touches are no longer warm
Mute speech, the conscience whines
Grey clouds no longer shine

Parched lips, conscience sold
Egos flushed, whispers behold
I am cold to arms, embraces
Raised eyes, cause no phrases
Voice gone, my throat is sore
Clouds pour no longer, no more.

Fallen shoulders and fallen crest
Wander about to steal some rest
Blisters and bruises fail to heal
Nails and feathers no more feel
Cracked lands await heavens to pour

Alive am I? No longer, no Moreā€¦!

- (Jan. 2004)

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