From The Mirror

Of the few forlorn moments
That I spend with myself each day
Painting smiles upon a face
Covered with wrinkles of dismay

Who is this? I often ask
Staring at me from within the mirror
Swearing at me heaven and hell
Getting each moment more stranger

He relishes the taste of my blood
And loves to pull my hair
Takes delight in pinning me down
And doesn’t seem to care

Often, I shriek back in horror
And plead with him to let go
Only to find him pulling me nearer
And gifting, yet another blow

Its after that I fade, he sinks
And sits upon my back and cry
Again I have put you to test, he says
And again shall I return to try

All these years, I meekly obeyed
Resigned and submitted getting flayed
But this one time I asked him why
Moments before he took to ply

He guffawed aloud before answering me
Fool, I am your passion, Can’t you see
I seek you through the doors of greed
In your vanity and pride I sow my seed

Your lust is the weapon that I use
To send your conscience on a rush
While you devour mortal wealth and muse
I strangle its voice to a hush

He finished his answer and leaned back
Gifting a lipless grin
And I thought I heard death whisper
Shining beneath the skin

Paltry and feeble, I closed my eyes
Lost my ground & yearned for skies
No more now, shall the pain subside
For my deeds, I must pay the price

- (1999)

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