The Rising

Someday I shall repeat myself
Gifting life its space
When the sun shall dry shallow waters
Walking at its pace

Shadows roving by my side
And wind clinging to the wrap
I would rise from the ashes again
And place my scars on the map

When in stillness shall smolder days
And asperse the clamored notions
Again I would want the skies
And seek to walk the oceans

Nox* shall then disown me
And stars will forget my face
I would then, be my second
And prevail the duel with grace

There may not be tales galore
And scripts may not run very miles
But I would still regale my foes
And may cause a few smiles

Except that I need to hold long breath
Nourish my soul and choose my cage
For me to have to prey again
And engrave a new unsullied page

Till then I must rest myself
In fidgety slumber, on sore bed
For me to recur self someday
Rising from the dead

* Nox: Goddess of Night

- (April. 2004)

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